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Equity Income Strategy

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We are a high-conviction bottom-up investment manager focusing on higher dividend yielding Canadian securities that also exhibit dividend per share growth and low beta. We believe that the combination of lower risk (i.e.low beta) and higher yield (i.e.higher dividend) maximizes risk-adjusted returns. Our goal is to double the invested capital over 7-10 years with 33-50% of total return coming from dividends¹.

Our concentrated Quality Growth investment style, combined with a repeatable rule-based risk management system, enables us to focus on high dividend and low beta companies (versus the S&P/TSX Composite Index) that seek to increase their dividend per share metrics over the coming 5 years, by a rate meaningfully above inflation (i.e.over 2% per annum)². The explicit anomalies we seek to exploit are low beta (i.e.low volatility), carry (i.e.dividend yield) and growth (i.e.dividend per share growth). The implicit or secondary benefit this provides the portfolio is lower downside capture and improved risk-adjusted return metrics.

¹²: Source: Montrusco Bolton Investments Inc.

Investment Offering

Equity Income Strategy

  • Rule-based investment process ensures repeatability and consistency
  • Capital preservation bias with focus on defense especially in flat to down markets
  • Superior risk-adjusted returns
  • Concentrated active management with less than 35 holdings
  • Long-term investment focus keeps emphasis on alpha generation
  • Income via dividends generating 33-50% of total historic return


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ESG criteria are at heart of our investment processes since 2004.


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