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1. Personal Identifiable Information

Your personal and account information are protected in our system against unauthorised access. They are always encrypted (TLS/SSL) when transmitted.

2. Stored Data Protection

Your personal information is always encrypted and stored in our secured data centers.

3. Architecture

Our system architecture allows access to your data exclusively via authenticated programmatic interfaces (API, Authentication, SSL, Certificate) as well as predetermined-only applications and servers. In addition, every access request is logged to our databases.

4. Infrastructure

We use modern IT infrastructure in order to ensure the safety of your data. Our website, servers and applications are regularly updated with the latest security technology.

5. Governance

We have policies, procedures and controls in place regarding data protection, information security, incident management and disaster recovery. These ones are reviewed and updated annually.

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Responsible Investing

ESG criteria are at heart of our investment processes since 2004.



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