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Direct Real Estate

Montrusco Bolton Investments (“MBI”) has partnered with the DSF group, a multi-family real estate investment company, offering real estate investments through value-add US multi-family residential. Founded in 2000, the DSF Group seeks for opportunities that combine attractive growth with consistent returns, they primarily concentrate on diverse employment markets with high barriers to entry.

The DSF group acquires under performing well located properties that they can upgrade and reposition. They implement renovation program, brand standard initiatives, and expense curtailment programs.

Target markets have high population and employment growth, significant barriers to entry and transportation-oriented investment opportunities. Over the last 30 years the DSF Group has developed extensive relationships throughout their target markets.

About the DSF Group

The DSF Group is a US based, multi-family direct real estate company founded in 2000. It specializes in acquiring and repositioning existing properties in the ring communities feeding major markets in the US. The team’s financial expertise, extensive market knowledge, and strong creative vision allow them to focus on creating value and unlocking a property’s full potential. The DSF Group has invested more than USD $4.2 billion in real estate and continuously strive to create unique, award winning properties designed to provide strong risk-adjusted returns.


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