Alternative Strategies


Private Debt

Montrusco Bolton Investments (“MBI”) has partnered with Third Eye Capital (“TEC”), a private debt firm focused on providing secured loans for growth to companies that are perceived to be too risky by traditional lenders for various reasons, including size, industry, business model complexity, lack of private equity sponsorship and regulatory constraints.

Multi-Strategy Fund

Trans-Canada Capital (“TCC”), a subsidiary of Air Canada managing their pension plans, created the TCC Multi-Strategy Fund in partnership with Montrusco Bolton in 2017. The TCC Multi-Strategy Fund uses a multi-strategy/multi-asset class approach.

Direct Real Estate

Montrusco Bolton Investments (“MBI”) has partnered with the DSF group, a multi-family real estate investment company, offering real estate investments through value-add US multi-family residential. Founded in 2000, the DSF Group seeks for opportunities that combine attractive growth with consistent returns, they primarily concentrate on diverse employment markets with high barriers to entry.