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Who we are

We devote all of our energy to delivering value to our clients year after year, regardless of changing market dynamics and volatility.

Montrusco Bolton specializes in providing robust, tailored solutions and effective portfolio management strategies, in keeping with the highest standards of governance.

About us

We have a passion for managing money. We provide an entrepreneurial culture that motivates our highly skilled people to deliver their best work for our clients. And we are committed to transparency, integrity and accountability in everything we do.

Meet our talented team

Firmly established

Montrusco Bolton is a Canadian boutique investment firm with more than 100 institutional clients, both Canadian and foreign. We have a successful track record at achieving long‑term goals based on specific needs and risk tolerance. We have fresh insights regarding portfolio management, strong views about our client focus and deep roots in Canadian communities.

Privately held and independent

Headquartered in Montreal, Montrusco Bolton is a reliable, privately held and independent firm. Half of the company’s staff is made up of investment professionals managing in excess of $5 billion in assets. Our independent status gives us solid foundations for growth and our employee-owned structure ensures that we attract and retain the best talent.

Driven to succeed

Passion has a place in the way we do business. Our product lineup is a reflection of our client-centric approach. 
It includes Canadian fixed income and equities, as well as U.S. and Global equities. We also offer alternative solutions through exclusive partnerships and sub-advisory agreements, managed by entrepreneurial and specialized investment firms.

Sound governance

Montrusco Bolton Investments Inc. strongly believes in maintaining the highest standards of transparency, integrity and accountability. As a result, we have established a firm-wide structure ensuring compliance with applicable rules and regulations in every critical sector of the company (investment, trading, administration, marketing and IT), while improving risk management. In addition,

  • We are:
    • registered in Canada (Portfolio Manager, Investment Fund Manager and Exempt Market Dealer) since 1946 and in the U.S. (Investment Adviser), since 2010
    • members of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC), since 2011, and the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), since 2000;
    • signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), since 2011, and;

We use National Regulatory Services (NRS), a compliance firm, since 2010 to help us with the US regulations.

A path to success OUR HISTORY


Founded in 1946

We have been through the ups and downs of the market cycles for generations. As we have evolved as a firm, we have learned a few things… including about reinventing ourselves.


In 2000

In 2000, the firm’s current senior management and strategic partners privatized Montrusco Bolton, which was then a public company. This was an important milestone in our history as we started to redefine ourselves, while continuously seeking to enhance our investment approach, the structure of our teams and our operations.


MB Solutions

MB Solutions was created to respond to the growing need of our clients for “Alternative Investments”. MB Solutions stands as a innovative alternative investment offering that is based on close partnerships with solid, entrepreneurial alternative asset managers to deliver highly skilled solutions. Alternative strategies at MB Solutions include private debt, private equity, infrastructure, hedge fund, as well as an Alternative Fund, a unique, actively managed solution.

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Our resource hub is a growing collection of the best available guides, tools and articles to meet all your investment, business and financial goals.



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