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Montrusco Bolton Investments (“MBI”) has partnered with Third Eye Capital (“TEC”), a private debt firm focused on providing secured loans for growth to companies that are perceived to be too risky by traditional lenders for various reasons, including size, industry, business model complexity, lack of private equity sponsorship and regulatory constraints.

TEC differentiates itself by favouring non-sponsored, complex and unique situations that can benefit from business execution experience to maximize value. The solutions offered by the MBI/TEC partnership hinge on generating high returns through proprietary direct lending investment opportunities while protecting capital and mitigating risks. Credit made available to companies is linked to key valuable assets, and loans are directly generated using customized structures and terms.

Thorough risk management plays a pivotal role in the MBI/TEC private debt solutions. Collateral, liquidity and execution risks are mitigated through various concrete measures, such as senior-level overcollateralization, cash dominion, short loan duration and rigorous due diligence. In addition, TEC targets investments according to key criteria to ensure consistency in underwriting certainty and speed in deal closing, with a priority on capital protection and business sustainability.

Investment Offering

Private Debt

MBI/TEC Private Debt Opportunities Fund II, L.P.
Closed-end fund structured as a limited partnership and aiming to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns with minimal volatility and low correlation to most traditional asset classes by investing in an actively managed portfolio comprised principally of asset-based loans to Canadian companies.


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MB Solutions Partner

Third Eye Capital

Third Eye Capital (TEC) is a Toronto-based private debt firm founded in 2005. It specializes in providing innovative debt financing solutions primarily to non-rated middle-market Canadian companies that are overlooked or underappreciated by conventional sources of capital. TEC’s investment professionals possess deep expertise in private debt, in addition to valuable experience in corporate management and operations. TEC presents a solid return history and is well-known for its highly specialized know-how and disciplined investment process.

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