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Montrusco Bolton Investments (MBI) has partnered with Alma Global Infrastructure (AGI), an independent infrastructure investment management firm that specializes in establishing investment platforms with world-class infrastructure developers, and holds an interest in the share capital of the company.

The MBI/AGI Infrastructure Fund will provide investors with direct access to core infrastructure assets. The Fund will acquire equity and quasi-equity participation in infrastructure projects that generate predictable cash flows. The emphasis will be on mid-market deals in essential services, such as communication, power, water and waste management, social and transportation infrastructure. Revenues are usually inflation-protected and have low correlation to other asset classes.

AGI has adopted a long-term partnership approach that can be advantageous to both investors and developers. This will provide investors with preferred access to high quality deal flow and will increase the financial competitiveness of developers. AGI developed a comprehensive investment process involving rigorous due diligence to adequately assess commercial, technical, financial and legal risks for each investment opportunity.


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Alma Global Infrastructure

Alma Global Infrastructure Inc. (AGI) is a New York-based independent infrastructure investment management firm founded in 2017. It specializes in establishing investment platforms in partnership with developers in core transportation, energy, water/waste management and social infrastructure assets, primarily in the US and OECD countries. AGI focuses on middle-market assets in brownfield and greenfield development opportunities. The AGI team is composed of highly qualified professionals with decades of combined experience in infrastructure investments.

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