MBI/TGA Emerging Market Equities

Long-term opportunities lie within emerging markets

Montrusco Bolton has teamed up with Trilogy Global Advisors (TGA) to deliver meaningful equity performance in less-developed regions of the world, under different market conditions.

Invest in developing and emerging-market equities to benefit from emerging-market wealth, including these advantages:

  • Long-term investment horizon
  • Portfolio characteristics that are superior to benchmarks
  • Less volatility compared to pure emerging markets
  • Bottom-up asset allocation

About Trilogy Global Advisors

An affiliate of AMG Inc., TGA was founded in 1999 and is a high-quality, research-driven investment boutique with a growth-oriented investment style. The TGA team has extensive experience investing in markets around the world and managing large pools of assets for institutional clients. Its disciplined investment process is based on evaluating the upside potential versus the downside risk of each security.


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