MBI/TEC Private Debt Opportunities Fund

Our partnership with Third Eye Capital (TEC) allows us to offer an absolute return solution with low correlation to markets.

Montrusco Bolton works with TEC to provide credit, asset-based lending and other debt-related services to institutional investors, including exposure to secured loans to good companies that are underappreciated, overlooked and underloved. Together with TEC, we are an investor of choice, delivering loans for growth, not liquidation.

Private debt fund overview

  • Unique approach: Expertise in private debt and corporate management/operations
  • Portfolio of private loans to middle-market companies
  • Advice to businesses helps increase returns by participating in their growth
  • Closed-end fund (6 years): Captures the illiquidity premium and reduces negative carry from cash drag to increase returns
  • High yield within a secured loan portfolio

About Third Eye Capital

TEC was formed in 2005. It presents a solid return history and is well-known for its highly specialized know-how and disciplined investment process. The firm specializes in providing innovative debt financing solutions to primarily middle-market Canadian companies that are overlooked or underappreciated by conventional sources of capital.


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