“It's about more than investing in good companies. It's about aligning with great people.”

MBI and Ardenton Capital Corporation joined forces to deliver Income-Focused Private Equity Funds to institutional investors.

The MBI / Ardenton offering has a primary objective of acquiring and developing a diverse portfolio of private businesses at attractive valuations, using a conservative amount of external acquisition financing, while leveraging the proprietary Ardenton Operating System (“AOS”) to optimize and grow each business with a long-term view on value creation.

MBI / Ardenton Private Equity Income Fund, L.P.

  • Partnership structure with capital calls
  • For investors who want a predetermined yield
  • Targeted yearly return of 12.25%
  • Five-year term
  • Quarterly interest distributions



MBI / Ardenton Private Equity Income & Growth Fund, L.P. *

  • Partnership structure with capital calls
  • Hybrid solution for investors seeking a balance between yield and capital gains
  • Targeted return of 8.25% [1] per annum net + Capital Gains [2]
  • Two distinct maturity periods [3]
  • Quarterly interest payments on the Note
              (*) Product to be launched soon

About Ardenton Capital Corporation

Ardenton is a global private business investment corporation, focused on meaningful business partnerships and long-term growth. Investing alongside passionate owners and management teams, Ardenton acquires controlling stakes in profitable, well-established, cash-flowing private businesses. Ardenton works to remove constraints for its business partners and provides operating and financial support with a long-term view on value creation. Ardenton has offices in Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Guelph), the United States (Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago) and the United Kingdom (Manchester, London). For more information, please visit www.ardenton.com.


[1] Rate of net fixed return per annum based on interest earned on the principal value of the Note component
[2] Capital appreciation relating to the Warrant component
 [3] Redemption rights on Note on the 5th anniversary of the issuance date with conversion right on Warrant up to 8th anniversary

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