The Montrusco Bolton Alternative Fund (“MBAF”) is an absolute return fund with an income-oriented profile that privileges capital preservation. It is an innovative managed solution with a focus on both illiquid and liquid strategies. Illiquid strategies are mainly dedicated to private debt, private equity, infrastructure and real estate. Liquid strategies consist of alternative funds offering frequent liquidity (quarterly or more) and involving investments in exchange-traded securities and derivatives.

The MBAF manager will dynamically allocate assets to each strategy and perform in-depth due diligence on all potential partners. By conducting a thorough selection process, MB Solutions ensures that investors and partners interests are aligned. In addition, it will actively manage liquidity and capital deployment for illiquid strategies.


The Montrusco Bolton Alternative Fund L.P.*

  • Target annual net return of 8-10% with a volatility of 4-6%
  • Structured as an open-end fund in the form of a Limited Partnership
  • Two-layered risk management approach at the portfolio level and underlying strategies level
  • Annual distributions and quarterly liquidity to investors
  • Distributed across Canada and available on FundSERV
 (*) Product to be launched soon



MB Solutions, a division of Montrusco Bolton Investments Inc., is an alternative investment offering that is based on close partnerships with entrepreneurial alternative asset managers. Alternative strategies at MB Solutions include private debt, private equity, infrastructure, hedge fund, as well as the Montrusco Bolton Alternative Fund (MBAF).

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